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Michelle in Peru: A Visit to our PUCP Partners & Living Lab in Cusco

In December 2021, Michelle Zombory, project coordinator at our TUM SEED Center, visited our SEED team in Peru, Lima at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. After a visit to the campus and a meeting with professor Eduardo Ismodes, scientific director of PUCP SEED Center, Michelle t, together with Sandra Vergara, local SEED coordinator, and Adriana Lombardi, project assistant, headed to Cusco, where our living lab is located. 

On the ground, they met local producers associations and NGOs and conducted interviews, as well as workshops to understand the needs of the local community, and capture areas of potential collaboration. These include, for example, a possible location for the implementation of renewable energy systems, to help boost local production of goods and entrepreneurial activities. 

One instance of local production requiring renewable energy is the solar drying process of fruits, directed for commercialization. Michelle, together with Sandra and Adrianna, could enjoy a hands-on experience with local experts from the "Association of agricultural and agro-industrial producers of Huayopata", on solar drying.

The LIVING LAB HUYRO located in the Huayopata Valley, La Convention province, Cusco is a physical space that promotes the creation of an innovation ecosystem for sustainable development using renewable energies. A unique place in the world, with multiple ecological levels, vast biodiversity, and only hours from Machupicchu.

The project began in July 2020 with a diagnosis of energy needs in the area. Subsequently, different technologies have been implemented such as solar dryers, biodigesters, photovoltaic systems, hydraulic wheels, among others; for active members of the community to develop enterprises focused on productive uses at the community level. 

Learn more about the project on our partners’ website here.